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The price of floral mint candy + wholesale and cheap packaging specifications

The price of floral mint candy + wholesale and cheap packaging specifications

Mint candy with flower design, elegant packaging, designed with an attractive and different appearance from other candies, mint with flower design attracts the eyes and vision of every person.


Opening its package and smelling the mint aroma, one feels a sense of freshness.


Floral mint candy is a magical combination of unique mint flavor and sweetness.


This correct combination of quality raw materials and derived from the best mints has made flower mint candy one of the best options for delicious snacks.


The precise and excellent composition of this product is made with the least artificial compounds and the best type of mint so as not to affect the health of customers negatively.


Also, the pleasant and balanced taste of this candy makes it a great choice for any hour of the day.


The calming and uplifting power of floral mint makes it a popular choice to enjoy in any setting.


The mint candy has a tasty and colorful flower design and attracts a dreamy feeling of genuine mint and sweet flavors.


When this candy, its beauty and shine, increases its attention and pleasantness and can beautify any table.




This product is a great choice for any flavored mint fan looking for a delicious, fresh and special experience.


With one of the floral mint candies, revive the feeling of good days and happy memories of good and special moments and experience the pleasure of being in the moment.


This floral mint candy, with its unique and concise taste, has become a popular product among children, teenagers and adults.



The combination of sweet and mint flavor has made this candy a suitable option for every taste.


Consumers usually like the variety of colors and flavors of this candy; While each piece of floral mint candy is a unique combination of different deliciousness that offers a different and pleasant experience for everyone.


Due to the precise preparation and packaging of this candy, the nutritional properties of floral mint are preserved and it provides consumers with a feeling of freshness.


Also, providing this candy in various and different packages allows customers to choose the required size and quantity.


Flower design mint candy with the best quality of its product is advertised as a suitable choice for any time and place.

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