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The price of buying coconut ginger candy(persian nabat) + specifications, cheap wholesale

The price of buying coconut ginger candy(persian nabat) + specifications, cheap wholesale

Coconut ginger candy(persian nabat) This candy is unique.

The unique combination of coconut and ginger distinguishes this candy(persian nabat) from other candies.

Ginger, with its spicy and delicious taste, together with coconut extract, creates a special sourness and sweetness that gives it a unique taste.




The combination of these two natural ingredients not only adds to the taste of coconut ginger candy(persian nabat), but its health benefits are also  significant.

Coconut, which is one of the special and delicious fruits, contains valuable minerals such as potassium, copper, iron and magnesium.

In addition, coconut has vitamins C and B6, which are other benefits for the health of the body.

Coconut extract, like a natural diamond, gives brightness and beauty to this candy and provides the necessary energy to the body.

On the other hand, ginger also has many medicinal properties.

These substances strengthen the body’s immune system, are anti-inflammatory and anti-diseases.

Also, ginger improves digestive function and relieves stomach and intestinal pains.

The combination of ginger and coconut in coconut ginger candy gives people a feeling of relaxation and relief from fatigue.


The health benefits and unforgettable taste of coconut ginger candy(persian nabat) is a great option to make your moments enjoyable.

Due to the presence of coconut and ginger extracts, this candy(persian nabat) is known as a natural and useful source of energy for the .body

So, if you are looking for something special, of course, delicious and tasty, coconut ginger candy(persian nabat) is the right option for .you

With its unique taste and unique health properties, this candy(persian nabat) can be a great choice for daily snacks or any moment of the day.

Coconut ginger candy(persian nabat), with its unique composition and wonderful taste, is a delicious and different option to enjoy new flavors.



This unique combination, in addition to being very tasty, also contains countless health benefits.

Both ginger and coconut have anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and strengthening properties for the digestive and immune systems, whic  are offered to you by combining them in coconut ginger candy.

With the variety of flavors and pleasant coating that this candy offers, you can use it as a great choice for everyday snacks or even as a delicious appetizer for a party or small celebration.

The different and delicious taste of this candy (persian nabat) is different from the usual experience of all kinds of snacks and will give you unforgettable and happy moments.

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