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Pred Nabat (Diamond Nabat), simple, excellent saffron

The candy( Persian nabat)of this attractive product is always accompanied by tea and teas in Iranian families

Since the vegetable was consumed for the first time in Iran, it has many varieties. One of the different types of vegetable is Pard Nabat) Persian nabat), which is one of the by-products of the vegetable. This type of product is very crunchy and has its own fans. What are the differences between cantaloupe and other types of cantaloupe?

To answer this question, it should be said that when water and sugar are placed in large multi-ton ovens for the production of cantaloupe, and after going through its own process, after a period of 4 to 21 days, it becomes the final product, to the upper part or top of the cantaloupe. which may reach 4 to 5 cm in height and has larger and more regular crystals, it is called a saffron plant. The fruit has two flames (brown) and a caramel (burnt) skin. It is better to keep the skin or diamond of the skin at -30 degrees until it can be used longer.

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