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Crispy and thin sesame seeds

Crispy and thin sesame seeds

Sesame plant or sesame flakes, also known as sesame candy(persian nabat), is famous among Iranians because of its high nutritional value due to the presence of sesame.

Place of consumption of sesame seeds
Sesame flaky plant has many properties due to the presence of sesame. Sesame is one of the most nutritious oil seeds and is a rich source of protein that fulfills the body’s daily need for calcium and folic acid and is very useful for relieving fatigue. If we want to talk about the benefits of sesame, a separate article should be written about sesame to cover all the benefits of sesame. It should be mentioned in it, so we will limit ourselves to the point that sesame is useful for maintaining bone health, strengthening memory, reducing bad blood cholesterol, skin, hair, nails and many other things that cannot be mentioned in this article.

Sesame seeds are similar to honey shavings in terms of appearance, but due to the presence of sesame, sesame seeds have a higher nutritional value than honey shavings. Sesame shavings are produced in a very thin and crispy form, and many people eat them as a snack, along with drinks. They use warm.

This valuable product is produced under favorable conditions and with standard equipment, which uses high-quality and fresh raw materials to preserve its freshness and increase its quality.

Features of sesame seeds
Sesame seeds should be prepared with proper packaging.
Sesame plant(persian nabat) has a very high nutritional value.
The thinner and crisper the sesame seeds are, the more you don’t overeat when eating them.
There is a sample of this special product that can be used for diabetics as well.
The color of sesame seeds should be yellow, but in some cases, due to the presence of unpeeled sesame, its color may be brownish.

Advice to buyers of sesame seeds
As we pay attention to some points when buying food; To buy sesame seeds, you must follow all the rules to buy a quality product. Paying attention to the product packaging, production and expiration date, the standard mark on the product packaging, and ensuring that the packaging is healthy and sealed are the most important features. It should be noticed by buyers.

Sesame seeds are available in the market with different prices, depending on the production costs and the use of high-quality raw materials, the price of the product varies. Enter your contact number in the advice and order section of the site so that our experts can contact them as soon as possible or they can contact the contact numbers that are placed on the site and get our online advice.

Using sesame seeds from Tida collection can create happy moments for you and your family.

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