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The properties of white candy(persian nabat) and its nature + compounds and uses

Properties of white candy

Nabat(persian nabat) is a type of sugar that turns into beautiful crystals with a special process at a certain temperature and time. These beautiful crystals have many properties that have been used to treat many diseases since long ago. The properties of Nabat for health have been proven among Iranians, but You should not overdo it, despite its warm nature, it can be used for heartache, heartburn, fatigue, headaches caused by heatstroke and food digestion, and many other cases. It can be mentioned that it is anti-flatulent, so that even to relieve the flatulence of a newborn baby, hot herbs are used and it is the most available and affordable material for every family to use.

Maybe you have had the experience that after waking up, you realized that your saliva was spilled on the pillow and you suffered because of this, or that you had repeated bowel movements after consuming cold foods such as lettuce, cucumber or watermelon, or that you had muscle cramps during the cold seasons of the year. You will get pain in the body, since the nature of candy is warm, by consuming the amount of candy(persian nabat), you can get rid of these problems to a large extent, and by consuming candy, you can moderate the body’s temperature, remove the coldness of the body, and lead the body to warm up.

Places of consumption of white candy

White wooden cantaloupe is also known as a decorative cantaloupe and is used as a sign of joy and vitality in various ceremonies, so that it is one of the main components of Iranian wedding tables, which are used as cantaloupe branches, which have a special beauty. brings it to wedding tables and this is one of the aspects of consuming white candy. Some Iranian families also use this beautiful sweet in their Haftsin tables to make their tables look better.

Uses of white candy

This candy(persian nabat) is a better choice than the white plastic candy because the sticks used in the lollipop are boiled several times and then used to produce candy, and this destroys all the bacteria in the sticks, and you can easily use this candy if the candy is made with straw. Plastic straws are unhygienic because the structure of these straws, which are made of plastic, contains chemical compounds that release these toxins when they come into contact with hot drinks, which endangers human health. The use of these straws in hot drinks is similar to the poisons found in disposable plastic containers. As a result, it is recommended to use white wooden candy to ensure the consumption of candy.

Compositions of candied wood

White candies are prepared from water and sugar in a way that water and sugar are mixed together and turned into candies through a process. Of course, for the better quality of this product, egg whites are also used to completely purify the sugar and remove any kind of contamination from it. Better and better candy can be obtained and have the transparency of a quality candy.

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