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Sour candy (persian nabat)is a popular fruit that is abundantly seen in markets and shops during the summer season.

With its sour and cooling taste, this fruit is an excellent option to cool the body on hot summer days.


(persian nabat)When sugar was used as the main raw material for making candy.

But today, with the advancement of technology and more variety in the taste and types of fruits, sour candy is prepared with different types of fruits and even edible plants.

For a fruity sour candy(persian nabat), fresh fruits are placed in a blender along with water, sugar, citric acid or pickled leaves and become a juicy and porous mixture.

Then this mixture is poured into different molds and transferred to the refrigerator to freeze and prepare the final candy.

Sour candy(persian nabat) is a tasty and cooling fruit that is usually consumed together with other foods such as juice and fruit yogurt.


By consuming sour fruit candy(persian nabat), in addition to enjoying its sweet and sour taste, you can also use its health properties and its rich vitamin C content.

Vitamin C, which is present in a large amount in sour candy, acts as a strong antioxidant for the body and helps to strengthen the immune system.

Regular consumption of vitamin C can protect against various diseases and help maintain healthy skin and hair.

By choosing sour candy(persian nabat) as a healthy and delicious source of vitamin C, you can easily take advantage of the properties of this amazing fruit.

Adding sour candy to your diet can help maintain health and prevent diseases.

As a delicious and healthy choice, sour candy, in addition to vitamin C, also contains significant amounts of fiber, antioxidants and other nutrients.

Consuming the fiber in fruit sour candies can help improve digestion, reduce blood sugar, maintain proper weight, and prevent chronic diseases.

Antioxidants in sour candy(persian nabat) can fight against oxidative damage, prevent premature aging and maintain health.

One of the other properties of sour candy is its usefulness for reducing stress and increasing energy.

The sour and refreshing taste of sour candy(persian nabat) can help reduce stress and depression and improve your energy and mood.

Therefore, choosing sour candy as one of the fun and healthy sources to consume during the day can help improve the quality of life and maintain mental and physical health.

Sour candy(persian nabat) can also serve as a healthy alternative to unhealthy, high-sugar sweeteners such as soft drinks and commercial juices.

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