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Dos and don’ts of consuming saffron during pregnancy

Its saffron plant (persian nabat) has many fans, which is used in family gatherings and ceremonies.

There are different types of candies (persian nabat), the best type of which is saffron candies according to consumers.

The saffron plant (persian nabat)has long been the best home remedy for heartache and colic, which Iranian mothers recommend to use the plant to solve this problem.

It is not recommended for pregnant women to consume sweets because it is harmful to the fetus, except with the advice of a doctor and they are allowed to use it in small amounts.

If you intend to buy high-quality sweets, be sure to pay attention to the transparency of candy crystals, because transparent sweets are fresher and of higher quality.

candy (persian nabat) packaging

The packaging of saffron candy (persian nabat) can be prepared in the form of a box (small packaging) or in the form of a tray (large packaging).

type of plant

In general, candies can be classified into two types: branched and wooden. Wooden candies can be used for formal and informal receptions.

Branch plants (persian nabat) can also be used for various purposes depending on the taste of people.

Uses of the plant (persian nabat) and its properties

 (persian nabat)All people have experienced the bitter phenomenon of insomnia and have seen its effects on mood, skin, etc. If you use hot candy continuously for a while before going to sleep, you will overcome this problem to a great extent and you will experience the pleasure of a comfortable sleep.

The plant (persian nabat) is widely used to solve digestive problems, diarrhea and heartburn.

With the unique properties of saffron, saffron plant is refreshing and is a suitable option for relieving fatigue caused by daily activities.

The saffron plant (persian nabat) with vitamin C is very useful for improving the symptoms of colds and fatigue and stiffness caused by colds.

Paying attention to the packaging and its expiration date is very important.

Paying attention to the appearance of the plant (persian nabat)and not using saffron color in saffron plants helps significantly to buy a high quality plant.

The price of saffron plant

The price of all the products available in the market depends on different factors, and market fluctuations and changes in the dollar price can increase and decrease the products. The vegetable product is not exempt from this rule and its price varies according to the time of purchase and the mentioned reasons.

The pleasure of buying a quality candy

The most high-quality candies have large and clear crystals, the beauty of which is eye-catching. Of course, some profiteers use industrial oils to make the candies (persian nabat) shiny. To ensure the quality of the candies (persian nabat), buy your used candies from reliable sellers. Tida Group is proud to help you with your perfect and desirable purchase with its distinguished experts and consultants. For this purpose, it is enough to enter your contact number in the specification box and wait for our consultants to contact us so that we can be contacted as soon as possible to serve you. .

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