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What is the nature of the sweets(persian nabat) in dental medicine ?

The sweets(persian nabat)  of this crystallized product has a warm character, this product, which is called a masterpiece of traditional medicine, is very useful for cold-tempered people, who can use this effective product to remove the coldness of their body. Of course, traditional medicine doctors recommend the sweets for this purpose. Consume it in the form of hot candy to get the most results and benefits.

The nature of candy(persian nabat)  is warm, and it is interesting to note that candy is hotter than sugar and sugar, that’s why cold-tempered people can use it to get rid of the coldness of their body. It carries the body and…


 ?What is the correct way to use sweets (persian nabat)


The sweets(persian nabat)  has an important and special place in the authentic Iranian culture, so that it is used in most of the joyous ceremonies and big holidays, such as weddings and the Haft Sin table. This product has different flavors such as saffron, green cardamom, lemon, sour tea, jasmine, cinnamon, mint, cumin, lemon and thyme, etc., to satisfy every consumer and give them a new experience. Create people with different tastes


Certainly, this product has a better taste than sugar, and it has a higher level of popularity for users. But you have to be very careful when consuming candy(persian nabat), because its calories are higher than sugar and the like. Each hundred grams of candy contains 400 calories; Therefore, you should not use this lovely and hot candy more than two to three times a week. So try to dilute the candy with the right amount of hot drink when using it so that it does not taste bad.







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