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Burnt or caramelized cantaloupe and its healing properties

The reheated or melted candy, which is used in the treatment of many diseases, is called burnt candy(persian nabat)

burnt candy(persian nabat)

When sugar and water are placed in special bottles in the process of candy(persian nabat) production, after a certain period of time, three products are produced in the first stage: candy board or candy bowl (it is a product that is formed at the bottom of the bottle and is very hard so that it cannot be broken by hand) to the other layer. which is still sap and has not turned into candy, is called candy sap, and its third layer, which is in the form of thin crystalline curtains, is called candy curtain. The cane juice is put back into the furnace and the same process of the first step is repeated and the same three products are produced, with the difference that the cane bowl, cane juice and cane curtain are obtained with two fires. It is obtained, which is called three nabat or burnt nabat

Is the taste of burnt candy(persian nabat) different from white candy

     White candy(persian nabat) has a predominantly sweet taste, but burnt candy, as its name suggests, has a more bitter taste

Medicinal and beneficial properties of burnt cantaloupe

          Burnt cantaloupe is very tonic and energizing and is very useful for relieving fatigue caused by daily activities

Burnt cantaloupe, like all kinds of cantaloupe, has a warm nature and is useful for coldness

Because of its taste, burnt candy is a favorite of certain people who are not too fond of sweets

.In addition to solving problems related to constipation, burnt cantaloupe can be very effective in improving the frequency of urination

This useful and less known product is also used to eliminate bad breath

Since weight loss and attention to health are of concern to the general public, the consumption of burnt candy, which has less calories, can be used in the diet

The mentioned features are only part of the benefits of burnt cantaloupe, which we will mention more in the next articles

Finally, it is very important to pay attention to the packaging of the product, to pay attention to its expiration date, and most importantly, the brand that you choose to use for yourself and your loved ones. Because the brand you choose will surely protect your health and that of your loved ones

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