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Board candy(persian nabat) and its incredible charms

Board candy)persian nabat)

The table candy is one of the best candies, which is available in different flavors and shapes in the Iranian market all over the world.

     Cantaloupe is one of the types of candies that is very widely consumed and has many fans. In the production of this fruit, water and concentrated sugar are placed in a special rectangular container (Patil) after a process, and a product is formed at the bottom of the container, which is known as a plate fruit or a bowl fruit. This type of fruit is popular both in plain and saffron form. He has realized that the saffron type brings a pleasant taste to the consumers and makes it useful because of the saffron used.

Type of consumption of cand)persian nabat)

  This type of candy)persian nabat)  like its other types, is always accompanied by tea and herbal teas in Iranian parties. Due to its affordability and its shape, this plant is even used in cooking some authentic Iranian desserts. This product is organic. It has incredible charms that you can use this product with confidence, of course, paying attention to the brand you buy from can be of significant help in choosing a high-quality product for you.

Properties of plantain


Like other plants, this plant has a warm nature and has many healing properties.

     Due to the presence of magnesium, it reduces stress and calms the nerves.

     Saffron is used to relieve menstrual pain.

     Tabhat Nabat along with hot drink is used for abdominal pain and colic.

     The saffron fruit board is joyful due to the presence of saffron and it is a good choice for relieving fatigue and renewing the strength caused by daily activities.


The variety of buying candy board

This attractive product can be purchased both in bulk and in packaging. Buying in bulk allows buyers to buy this candy in any quantity with any flavor, and its type of packaging is for people who want to please their friends with a gift. It is a suitable option. It is important to pay attention to the fact that when buying this product in bulk, pay attention to the transparency of this type of candy, and in the type of packaging, pay attention to the fact that the packaging is not torn, the expiration date of the product and the cleanliness of its  packaging is one of the necessities. Is.

Consumer confidence

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